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Monday, August 07, 2006

"Trying To Fit In"


You know school is right around the corner and everyone in our house is getting excited and nervous about the first day back!! Myself included (being a teacher)!! That got me to thinking about how important it is to "Fit In" for our kids. We are originally from Midland, TX. Well, in Midland where my son went to school from kindergarten to 2nd grade, there were kids of "many colors". He seemed to "fit in" fine. But...when we moved to Keller several years ago, it was a totally different story. My son was entering the 3rd grade and my daughter into Kindergarten. When we went to "Meet the Teacher" before school started we were in for a rude awakening!! Out of the entire school, there were two African American boys, and then my kids. They were the only African American students in the entire school! I really didn't think about it at the time, but when we got home, both kids made the comment about how they were different from everybody else. Boy, did that open my eyes!! Who would have thought that a 5 year old would pick up on something like that?? I was excited about meeting their teachers and them going to a new school!! They were concerned about being the only ones of "their kind" at school. That was depressing!!

The more I started thinking about it...the more frustrated I got. For example, filling out all of their school records. What ethnicity do I mark?? African American, Caucasian??? No...I get to mark "OTHER". Isn't that a nice way to label my kids? What is wrong with putting a multi-ethnic box on the form? I hate labels! We are all just human beings trying to find a place to fit in. I just recently have found a wonderful support group! The Mavin Foundation
. This group supports people who are multi ethnic or who are involved in multi-ethnic relationships. It was actually developed by a 19-year old multi-racial college student who wanted to launch a magazine dedicated to the "mixed- race experience". It is an amazing group of people who do amazing things!! They are spreading the word about "our problems" and how to deal with certain issues. We are definitely not alone!!!

Well, it is getting late and I have to get my daughter to Barney at 7:30 in the morning!! Check back in a couple of days when I will be discussing personal situations that we have encountered being a multi-racial family.

PS...Check out the new Just For Me website!!!

Until next time...
"Sunflower Mom"


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Sustenance Scout said...

Kim, This story hits home for a few children are of mixed-race heritage, too, and we live in a mostly white suburb south of Denver. We lived near Keller for two years, though (in Southlake), so I know exactly what you're talking about!

Best wishes for continued success with your blog. The Just For Me product line is truly needed. I just highlighted it on my blog, BEYOND Understanding, and will keep the Just For Me site and your blog in my permanent list of links. Cheers!

Karen DeGroot Carter

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Karen, Thank you for your response! I look forward to "chatting" with you in the future!! I visited your site!! WONDERFUL!!! If you don't mind me old are your children and are they boys/girls/both???

At 10:03 PM, Blogger Accessories Oasis said...

ABSOUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT. AFRO SISTERS - THIS IS FOR US TOO... Well, I'm a 34 year African-American Entrepreneur (no kids, but hubby) and 9/28/06 12:23am I ran to WALMART. I just had to try this. I want to forward you my before and after photo if you can email me below (or check my blog next Monday to grab them). PLEASE POST THEM on yout PROLINE site, you have my permission.

MY PROLINE EXPERIENCE TONIGHT: I love my AFRO. I'm a black woman who went natural. My Dermatologist told me to STOP using the relaxer about two years ago as it was irritating my scalp after about 20 years of on and off use. So I did. Well, over the past two years I wore natural twists. Well, I wanted a change. I have always said why isn't there something for natural haired women who want to maintain their curl pattern, but lossen it a bit - get the manageability, and keep the fro! I was SO FRUSTRATED until tonight around 11:30pm. I was sitting read an Beauty Industry trade magazine that I get in the mail (I own an accessory store which is on the 'fringe' of a beauty store,so naturally I read beauty industry mags). Well...I see this NEW Proline 'Middle of the Road' Texture cream. I read the article three times. Well, I did a little research online and my gut said 'Tresha, is that what you've been waiting for'. I wanted the EASE in combing my afro and I wanted to be able to keep my beautiful kinky curl (w/o too much frizz). Well, bless God! I ran to the local 24 hour Walmart just on a whim. Said 'Honey I'll be back...". Yes, it's late, but I parked right up front. Ran in and there it was in the Ethnic/Black section. One of three boxes! WHOA! I ran back home and got to work.
OKAY, here are my tips: a) FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. I did mix it right, but I was such a smartie that I didn't section it off or run upstairs to get my large tooth comb. I thought 'Oh, I'll slap it on'. DON'T DO THAT. I noticed that there are instructions for a reason. My results are gorgeous, I have a manageable AFRO, BUT I did notice a few 'straighter' areas that wouldn't be there IF I had sectioned it off and NOT pulled during the application of the product. Don't tense or pull the hair or smooth it with your hands (while wearing the gloves). By doing that you are SMOOTHING the hair pattern curl out, so you lose that goreous curl! oH, MY GOODNESS! I actually see a curl pattern like the girl on the box! I LOOK FABULOUS despite my errors! SO TAKE IT FROM YOU. I wish YOU could see my before and after. Well, DO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. This is a synopsis - JUST READ THE INSTRUCTIONS - Mix the chemical; put on the oil on your hair. SECTION the hair off into 4 and then only comb through once. I have found that the more you comb, the straighter it will get so DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN 1 PASS through the hair to keep a nice wave; make another if you'd like more managemeability. DO NOT SLAP THE CREAM on. I got lucky, as I've worked w/ chemicals in the past. OH, BIG NOTE: do not pull the hair. Because I applied it with my hand, I noticed that PULLED certain sections; that taut pull made that area straight. So don't go there ladies! OH, I'm so impressed.

Thanks Sunflower Mom and Thanks Proline. You know I feel like a lucky girl w/ a secret for sisters with Afros. This is a way to keep the FRO and get going quicker in the AM. I own a business and this will make my life easier. Sure, I'll always go back to the natural twists, but imagine the flexibility I'll have. I can have a wavy afro or twist it natural. Thanks Proline for that flexibility.

I apologize for being so excited, but I'm impressed and living in Fort Lauderdale/Miami Florida, I don't impress easily. Down here, because of the NYC influx and international flavor, we see it all. And I have seen so many scams on TV using a similar chemicals. I trusted PROLINE because it's a large manufacturer.

I AM EXCITED about the future of these types of NON-RELAXERS. The time has come; we are well overdue for products that don't leave black folks bald-headed! Gotta run and play w/ my new curlier and easier to manage afro. What's cool is that I showed my hubby a few minutes ago; had to run upstairs then! Well, he said 'OH, my God you didn't just straighten your hair (he loves my afro and he remembered the medical bills we had from the dermatologist who said 'no more relaxers..). Well, I said.."Wait..see the box. And I get to keep my curl pattern and it looks 'natural' and..." before I could finish, he said 'Wow that looks good; remeber that other company who you purchased a few years back and it turned your hair into a crunchy afro..." We laughed! Then we admired my new hair!

THANKS PROLINE. Most black and multiethnic folks really love the texture that God gave us. I love my curls, what gave me issues was how tight the pattern was AND with my busy schedule I need to get out of the house - exercise at 6:15 to 7:15 and off for the day (and thinking of kids next year!) so I don't have time to pick out a tight fro, no matter how much I love it!, and most of my breakage came when combing no matter how much I conditioned. Now, I feel like I'll look Angela Davis in no time - A HUGE GORGEOUS AFRO - my Afro will BLOSSOM because I'm not breaking it off every day little by little. I am proud to be BLACK and I'd like to see more companies like PROLINE Offer real solutions for women and their girl children that give us more control over our natural curls without the darn chemicals and harshness. I don't want straigt hair, never did - I just wanted a looser curl pattern for my own beautiful hair! Thanks, Blessings! Tresha, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you would like to email me or SUNFLOWER MOM - please get my before and after on here! I took a before in my living room and an after!


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