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Kim is the official "Spokesmom" for Just For Me(tm) Texture Softener(tm), the brand new breakthrough in hair care for girls of mixed heritage! Her daughter, is featured on the hair care system package, and you may have even seen her on Barney! Kim's blog will contain her thoughts on being a mom in a multi-ethnic family, health and beauty and self-image and self esteem. And for fun, she will interact with other moms who have "hair care chronicles and horror stories."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"It's Making Its Way Around the Globe"

Hello again,

I am pleased to hear all of the wonderful comments from those of you who have found and tried the JFMTS!! It won't be long until all are hooked. I would like for those of you who have tried the product (and if you have them) to send me before and after pictures. I would like to share them on the website. I think it would be good for others to see how the product works. It is important to know that it doesn't straighten your hair!! It just tames it.

I actually tried the product on my son's hair. His hair texture is more on the hispanic side. It is very coarse and curly. It softened it up and made it look more healthy. His hair was somewhat wirey looking. It really looks and feels softer. The curls are smooth! So...not only does it work on my daughter's hair, it also works for my son. You just have to make sure you read the time chart and use it for the correct length of time according the their hair type. :) What else can I say...It is "Worry Free Wonderful"!!

Has anyone out there used it on their son's hair? I would love to hear about it!

PS...Just to let you know, my daughter's Barney episodes are airing now!! :) Her character name is Olivia! All of these episodes are pre JFMTS!!

Please keep the comments coming and let me know where the product is popping up on the shelves!!

Until Next Time...
"Sunflower Mom"


At 7:22 AM, Blogger kim said...

I, too am very excited about this product. My best friend tried it on her daughter's hair and I was impressed. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to this weekend. My daughter is african american and she had a head of long, thick, curly hair. I did not like the idea of relaxing her hair. She has very pretty hair. It is just hard to manage at times. Plus, I did not want her to feel the only way for her to be pretty is to have straight hair. So, I plan to take before and after pictures. I was hesitant about doing it on my own, but it seems like everyone else hasn't had any problems so we will see how it goes:)

At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I was just reading the Dec/Jan issue of Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine, when I saw this product... I was really curious so I decided to check out the website and now I'm here posting! I was just wondering if the people who've tried this product think its just for children... I'm 18 and I'm growing out my hair from a relaxer. It's been almost a year chemical free. However, it's all for a purpose and I was thinking about getting a texturiser in June of next year, but this seems much healthier and managable option. I just wanted to know your views and opinions as it is probably something your own children will encounter (ie: most girls start off with kiddie relaxers and this move to 'salon' relaxers or an adult version). Would it produce the same results (not as a relaxer or a texturiser, but I know that as you get older, the texture of your hair might change). Thanks for your time!

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Yes, adults have used the product and were absolutely thrilled with the results. They posted on the site. I believe it was one of the first blogs that I had written. Check back through them and you can read what she wrote!! It is definitely not like a relaxer. It is a texture softener. It makes your hair softer and more manageable. It doesn't straighten it!! :)

I hope this helps you!! If you try the product, let me know how it works for you!! I am sure you will love it!!


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