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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"New Problem on the Horizon"

Hello again!!!

Hope this finds everyone well. My household has been VERY busy!! Baseball is going strong with my husband and son...Brenna and I are busy with cheerleading and she has become very busy with modeling in the past two weeks!! She's been doing a lot for JC PENNEY'S!! :) She is having a total blast!!

BUT...we have come across a problem dealing with her headshots!! She was looking at her pictures and she thinks that she has a mustache. She doesn't like the hair above her lip!! She wants something to be done about it. My problem is...what do I do??? I know that there are several options out there, but, personally, I don't think it is a problem. Her hair is darker there because she has dark hair.

I have been trying to ignore this and I try to tell her that it isn't as bad as she thinks...but, she isn't buying it anymore. And to top it off, last week, I had her manager from LA ask about it!!! I WAS SHOCKED!!!! She said that we need to maybe do something about it!!! WOW!!!! I was actually kind of offended!!! I definitely did not say anything to my daughter about this!! we are. I guess something needs to be done. Anyone have any suggestions?? Have you tried bleaching, waxing, etc??? We have waxed her eyebrows before. She about DIED from the pain!! And what happens after that? Does the hair come back stubbley? If we bleach...won't that look awkward having blonde hair there since she is a brunette?

This is a totally new situation for me...HELP!!! Anyone out there have any suggestions??? I would greatly appreciate it!!! :)

Thank you!!!

Until Next Time,
"Sunflower Mom"


At 6:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have multi-ravial children and I too tried to redirect the attention of my eldest daughter's mustache. She is now 14 and will enter highschool in Aug so I asked the family doctor. The DR. stated that the best route was to have the more expensive but permanate laser. She stated that the wax could strip a layer of skin and bleach wasnt an option either for the resons you stated. I tried the wax and bout died so I will try to locate a well know Laser specialist prior to her Freshman year of High School . I hope this helps mother of 3 multiracial in Indiana


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