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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Hello all,

I have had numerous requests to put up before and after pictures of the product being used on an AA child. Unfortunately, the only way this can happen is if someone who uses the product will send the pictures to me. This blog is my own personal blog about MY family and our daily hair/life issues.

I know that there is an AA on the box, but, I am blogging on behalf of the multi-ethnic side. If you go to the Just For Me website, there is more information there for AA as far as the product goes. I wish I could be of more help with this, but, I could in no way respond to the effects on their hair type. I only know how it affects my daughter's hair. I know there are many who have responded to not liking the product...but, it really works for us!! I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

As far as it being a relaxer, it is my understanding that a relaxer straightens your hair completely. Is this not true? I have never used a relaxer on my daughter's hair. I did have a friend who used one on her daughter's (who is bi-racial) and it did straighten it completely. This texture softener does not. It just makes it more manageable. And yes, we got along okay before this product came along. It just took WAY longer to comb out her hair and it broke off WAY too much!! It doesn't now!! So though it may not work for works for us!! :) WE LOVE IT!!!! DON'T LEAVE IT ON LONG!!! This works best!! It makes hair soft and smooth with beautiful curls, but straightens nicely as well!!!

Until Next Time,
"Sunflower Mom"


At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sunflower Mom.
I used this product on my brothers hair, I think its great. It's like my texture now. :)
I'm thinking of getting someone to help me do mine. But I just wanted to long did you leave the product on Brenna's hair?
We left it on my bro's hair for 4 minutes or 5?
Message back


At 2:00 PM, Blogger quebedo said...

I just did my dd's hair again. I always forget about using this in her hair. I tried it last year and loved it. She just turned 7 and she loves her hair now. I am going to look for the new products that you mentioned.

At 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi my name is lisa and i love this product as well. I need to know if i could purchase the anti-breakage sunflower oil formula seperately. if so how much and where. addited.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Unfortunately the Sunflower Oil is not available for sale outside of the kit. However, you might try an oil from the Soft & Beautiful Botanicals line that is comparable; it's called "Soft & Beautiful Botanicals 3n1 Oil". It's a bit heavier but works great on the hair, scalp and skin as a shine agent and moisturizer. The 3n1 Oil is available at most barber and beauty stores, Wal-Mart and Sally's.


At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Trina said...

Can I just say HOORAY!!! I am a soon to be 35-year old kid at heart who has cried oceans of tears about her hair for at least 30 of those years. My hair was the tightest of the tight before this. I loved my natural hair, but doing it (as my self-braiding skills are not the best), using micro braids, wigs, relaxers, etc....made me frustrated. because it would break so easily. And going from a big town to a small one with mindboggling lack of resources for AA hair was driving me crazy. I was done paying hundreds to get my hair braided and taken down, and not having someone on the ready was frustrating as well. But then, this came along and I said..what, another product that will not do anything with my hair? I had nothing to I did it, and let me tell you, I am the happiest with my hair I have ever been. it is manageable, has more body than it ever had, and my mom is astounded and happy that her "little girl" is not depressed about her hair anymore. And being a single mom, my hair needs to look good yesterday--an ease I only thought could happen with braids. Not anymore. I left it on for the max to straighten as much as it would because I want to do the bare minimum to my hair on a daily basis. Before, my hair was a horrible mess, it hurt when I combed it, broke off, and I could not get it to do much of anything. Now...OMG. I am so grateful because I have been given time.

What I do:

Daily hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins (I use GNC brand)

Wash with Creme of Nature Humectant Shampoo.

Use Thermal Glosser before blow drying.

After dry, Add more Glosser before flat ironing and turning the ends for curls.

And for Shine and Conditioning, use Pink Oil Moisturizer Spray Glosser ONLY. I do not put heavy pomades on my hair at all..EVER.

The body and shine and softness just amazes me and I am very happy with this product, and the fact that my hair is growing better than it EVER did with a relaxer--even the kiddie perms. And as for burning...if you scratch your head a whole bunch and irritate the scalp it will burn, like most chemical processes, but overall...I AM NOT ON FIRE WHEN I USE THIS!!! That in itself is a revelation for me as my scalp is very sensitive..and as careful as you can be to not get it on the scalp, sometimes it happens.

I do notice when I get out of the shower, that my hair has a wave to it, and also have been in the rain/humidity and think that the Pink Oil Glosser plus the properties of the Texture Softener keep my hair from "going back".

I usually give myself a touch up about 1x a month--mostly because the vitamins are doing a good job too!

Yeah, I am EXTREMELY pleased with this. Everyone must do what they feel they have to do with their know what kind of life you lead, so you do what fits for you. And after 30 years of struggling with my hair, I have found what works for me.

At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone really needs to see about getting the sunflower anti-brakeage formula out in a bigger bottle, it works like no other oil I have ever used on my curly hair. I have resorted to buying the kit just for the oil.


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