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Friday, April 06, 2007

How Do I Reduce The Volume In My Daughters Hair?


Does your child have soft, waves that are too full and volumous? Many kids do. It’s not coarse or difficult to comb, but it so thick and full that it over takes your child’s face. Consider these tips;

Avoid shampooing everyday (unless swimming or in sports activity). Over-shampooing tends to dry the hair and scalp. Unless she has an oily scalp, try to limit shampooing to every couple of days.

Don’t blow dry hair from wet to dry, instead, apply a leave in conditioner then comb hair down smooth. Let hair dry under a hooded dryer from 80% to completely dry. *for fine to medium hair, sparingly add the Just For Me Hair and Scalp Conditioner *for coarser textures, add the Just For Me Oil Moisturizer on damp hair before drying. Both are great at smoothing and controlling volume.

Wrap, tie or cover hair at night to maintain the smoothness and reduce frizziness. A satin scarf or wrap cap from your local beauty supply are great alternatives.

Try not to rewet hair in the mornings. If you must, just lightly mist with the Leave In Conditioner. Otherwise, dab some of the Just For Me Hair and Scalp Conditioner ( flat ironed straight hair) or Crème Conditioner. (for wavy/curly hair). In the palm of your hands and smooth down frizz.

I will have some before and after photos for you soon of some moms and daughters who took my advice. In the meantime, have a Happy Easter!



At 6:36 PM, Blogger Sabrina said...

Ok so what if i have a mixed daughter with soft but very tight curls. Her hair is so thick and frizzy that she looks like shes wearing a clowns wig will this work for her. Plz feel free to email me at Thanks, Sabrina

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Tricologist said...

I had a little girl with hair just like that a few months ago. Her mom is on the video. I walked her through the application of the Just For Me Texture Softener on her hair. She combed it through and let it sit for minute (see instructions). It still had some waviness to it, but it no longer overtake face. It was short, just below her ears. She also had a very low hair line, so her hair came about 2 inches above her brow. I showed her how to use decortive clips and head bands to clip it to the side or back. Now you CAN see her beautiful face and she was so happy. . Remember, try to let it dry UNDER a dryer instead of air drying. I hope to post the picks of the little girl mentioned on my last posting in a couple of days. You can post or email her picture if you want me to give you more suggestions. Good Luck,

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the jfm creme conditioner have mineral oil or petroleum in it? I have read that those ingredients are bad your hair.


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