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Friday, February 09, 2007

Options for Natural Hair

Lot's of moms say to me " I don't want to put anything on my child's hair, I just want it to be natural"..... While in the same breath they say " her hair is so tangled and bushy in the mornings and when she comes home from school, I just don't know what to do"...

What makes hair curly
All hair takes on the shape of the follicle. ( a tube-like impression below the scalp). Each hair has it's own follicle that may or may not curve the same direction. So as the hair grows out of the follicle and through the scalp it starts to coil, gets intertwined and causes tangles.
We know the issue............... now what's the solution?

Let's Talk About Your Options
Regular daily combing and brushing will automatically cause hair to pop off. Hair with nothing on it will continue to re-tangle even after you've combed it out. Also, natural hair is very porous ( kind of like a new sponge) so it absorbs all the moisture in the air. On a humid day, it swells and expands. *clinical test show that natural breaks 80% more when it's untreated.

Temporary Treatments
You can put products on the hair that temporarily soften it and make it easier to manages. For really thick hair, curly hair you have to put twice as much for effective control and manageability plus you have to use the products daily, for best results. Because you have to use so much product it can be time-consuming and costly. For thin, fine hair with loose curls, this may be the best way to go.

Longer Lasting Treatment
The Texture Softener is for longer-lasting results. The Treated hair is softer and easier to manage on a daily basis. Hair repels water a bit more so that in humid weather it wont draw up or swell and frizz as quickly. When you shampoo the hair it's easier to comb out and style. The Sunflower Oil in the Texture Softener is great because it helps to detangle the hair BEFORE you apply and it adds an extra level of conditioning during the treatment.

Roz's Reco - For Longer Lasting manageability, choose the Texture Softener


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