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Monday, February 12, 2007

"Help with the Product"


I have had several questions about when and how to apply the product. I can explain it to you but it probably would be easier if you were to just visit the Just For Me website. It gives VERY detailed directions as well as shows you an instructional video. On the site, there is also a Q & A section with many of the questions that have been asked here several times.

As far as applying the product, it should be applied to dry hair. When I applied it to my daughter's, it had been washed the night before. I also received a comment about my daughter's hair looking manageable before the product. It really was hard to manage and maintain. With a lot of work and time, yes, it looked good. But, it took a lot of time and many, many hours of experimenting with different products to see what would work the best. Her hair would break off and I would also pull out a ton of it every night when I would comb it.

This is what I have found that works best for me...I do not shampoo my daughter's hair. I only use cream rinse (or conditioner) on it. When she gets out of the tub, I towel dry her hair and then I apply about a quarter size more cream rinse on her hair (especially on the ends) without rinsing it out. I then apply the proline comb thru product on her hair and I comb it out while it is wet. This has been our usual routine every since she was little. I comb it out in sections as well. Thank goodness she has a hard head. It would really be a battle if she didn't!! I would always try to find something to keep her busy while I was combing!! A book or a toy usually worked well. I would also give her a baby and let her comb her hair out while I was doing hers. It would usually take me a least 10-15 minutes to comb out her hair. Now, with the JFM Texture Softener, it takes only a couple of minutes!! We still do the same routine, only now, SHE CAN COMB IT OUT!!! I am finally free of having to do it!! There are only a few tangles but she is able to manage them herself!! It is great!! I now have more time to spend on myself...OR SLEEP IN A LITTLE LATER!! :)

I hope this has helped some!!

Until Next Time,
"Sunflower Mom"


At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I somehow came across this website at the end of last year and have been wanting to try the product since.
I am a 31 year old African American woman. Several months ago I had hair half way down my back, but it was such a hassle to wash and comb out. So I cut it to about chin length. I've starting to let it grow out again, but I would like to stop using relaxers. They usually make my hair limp, but never really quite take out all of my curl/wave pattern. I haven't had a relaxer in almost five months (I have gone longer) and cringe at the thought of putting another in.
What I really need is something to simply tame my natural texture and take away the frizz. I usually wear my hair straight and its actually fairly easy to straighten after I tackle it after its washed. But its so frizzy without a relaxer.
I'd like to know if its safe to use considering I have previously relaxed hair? It seems that you have to comb this product through and I don't know if it would be safe.
Also, if I don't like the results, could I go back to relaxers?

At 7:41 PM, Blogger stephanie said...

when i first saw this product in the store, i saw your daughter and tried it because her "before" hair looked like my daughters hair now. i tried it and i think i combed her hair too much with the activator in because her hair was more straightened than soft curls. it was beautiful but i want her curls more. her hair has grown back out now, and i am thinking of trying it again. however, this time i am interested in knowing what you keep in her hair during the day to keep it so tamed. when my daughters hair dries it frizzes still. her hair is normally very kinky and dry. please help me further. oh and by the way, thank you for coming forth. i have been waiting on someone to come out and help us. :)

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Just Sarah said...

Hi Stephanie,I thought I would add my comment to share some options about frizz. I use the Just For Me Oil Moisturizing Lotion on my daughter's hair if I'm braiding it or twisting it or if she wears it up. If she is wearing it down and curly or straight I use Motions Smoothing Shine Serum. It's a light oil type liquid that keeps away frizz but doesn't weigh the hair down as much as the lotions do. It has been great this winter with all the dry air.


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