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Kim is the official "Spokesmom" for Just For Me(tm) Texture Softener(tm), the brand new breakthrough in hair care for girls of mixed heritage! Her daughter, is featured on the hair care system package, and you may have even seen her on Barney! Kim's blog will contain her thoughts on being a mom in a multi-ethnic family, health and beauty and self-image and self esteem. And for fun, she will interact with other moms who have "hair care chronicles and horror stories."

Friday, February 09, 2007

Double Duty with twin girls

I am so excited to offer my comments about healthy, beautiful and manageable hair. When I started working on the Texture Softener concept, I would always keep an eye out for little girls (AND moms)that I thought would benefit from more manageable hair.

A very close friend of mine just had GIRL #4..... All under the age of 12. All of them with pretty, long, thick hair. The twins turned 7 in November, both with hair down the middle of their backs. Now in first grade, they wanted to get out of the big, thick pony tails and braids...... and to wear their hair a little more freely. But this was asking a bit much for mom. She would comb their hair and put it in a pony tail for 3 - 4 days at a time. I suggested the Just For Me Texture Softener on their hair ... But it was difficult convincing dad to let the girls get something on their hair..."This was too much like growing up". But after the first time he saw them, he personally called to say thanks and that they were so excited about their new look. Their hair still had a natural look, but the curls weren't so tight. Mom told me that shampooing their hair was nothing like the ordeal she had to deal with before...No crying, pulling or taking time-outs. Her time was cut in half!


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