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Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter Weather Hair Care Tips

BURRR..... I just came back from Minnesota, Chicago and New York.... all really cold and dry climates. Did you know that cold weather restricts the sebaceous glands (oil glands) that are attached to the hair follicle? Often, this reduces the natural flow of oil and moisture needed to keep hair and skin soft and supple.

Notice that in the winter or in colder climates that your daughter's elbows and knees tend to be more dry? Well the hair experiences the same draught.

Roz's Reco - If you shampoo daily, try skipping a day or two. After shampooing add a moisturizing conditioner, like the Just For Me 2-in-1 Conditioning Detangler. Normally no rinsing is needed, but this time, ADD twice as much as you would normally. Place a plastic cap on your child's hair for about 10 -15 minutes. Next, lightly rinse out some of the 2-in-1 Conditioning Detangler (you want to make sure that you leave some product in the hair). This gives the hair long-lasting moisture throughout the cold winter days.

While the hair is STILL DAMP, apply the Just For Me Oil Moisturizer (start with a small amount, but for thicker hair, use it liberally). It really adds shine, control and moisture. Let your daughter's hair dry under a hooded dryer on a low temperature. Hot blow dryers deplete moisture and cause breakage. PLUS the hair is most fragile when it's wet. And lastly, NEVER let your child go to bed with wet hair.


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