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Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Happy Holidays"


I hope everyone is well and getting into the holiday spirit!! I know we are around our household!! We spent all day yesterday putting up the tree and decorating the house inside and out!! It looks so festive around here!! It took me a while...but I am finally getting into the holiday spirit. Everything these days just seem to fly by. I feel like it was just Halloween yesterday!! We rush right through Thanksgiving and here we are!! I swear I saw Christmas stuff out before Halloween this year!! It seems everything is just rush, rush, rush!!

It is very depressing that my babies are growing up so quickly! I wish I could just freeze time. My son is into the going out with friends phase and never wants to be with us on weekend nights, and my daughter is really gettting into this grown up "girl" phase. She carries her purse with her everywhere with all of her lip gloss, perfume, etc...Now more than ever, she is concerned with how she looks, dresses, and especially the hair!! Although she is growing up, I do every once in a while see a glimpse of my sweet, baby girl. For example, yesterday. It was the sweetest thing...we had finished decorating. (The girls did the inside while the boys did the outside.) When the guys finished, they came in and we were all looking at our beautiful tree! My daughter lite all of the candles on the coffee table, had us all gather around the table and hold hands. She wound up one of the christmas musical decorations and while it played, she wanted us to sway back and forth!! I started to cry!! It was the sweetest thing ever!! She really loves her family and it is very important to her that we stay together!! It was funny, she wound the thing up so much that it played forever. We stood there swaying for about 5 minutes. My son was funny!! You know, he is 13 going on 35!! He thought it was goofy, but he did it anyways. But, before the song ended, he ended up sitting on the couch swaying. My daughter made the comment, "I guess he isn't in the spirit yet."

It was such a heart touching moment. I will never forget it. I don't want them to grow anymore!! :(

I hope that this holiday season your family creates some loving and lasting memories that you will be able to look back on and just SMILE!!!

Until next time...
"Sunflower Mom"

PS...The picture of my family above was taken at my sister-in-laws sister's wedding. I had just put JFMTS on my daughter's hair a couple of days prior!! Isn't it shiney and beautiful???