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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Straightening Brenna's Hair"

I actually straightened Brenna's hair 2 times this week!! That is how easy it is now! She had to do headshots Thursday and Friday. I wanted some pictures with her hair curly and also some with her hair straight.

Well, Thursday, we took pictures with it curly. I straightened it Thursday night for pictures on Friday. It only took about 35-40 minutes(I will explain how I do it later!) When we looked at the pictures from Thursday, with it curly, the lighting wasn't good, so...after taking pictures with her hair straight, I wet it to get it curly again so that we could get some better shots! She was not happy!! She wanted to keep her hair straight. So, I told her that I would straighten it again for her! I WOULD HAVE NEVER OF DONE THIS IN THE PAST!!!! It took way too long and was way to hard!! So, I straightened it for her again Saturday morning!! I timed it and it took 45 minutes!! That was from getting her out of the bath with her hair soaking wet and drying it and straightening it!! PRETTY GOOD!!! It also straightened out nicely!! What I mean by that is no frizzing. It was smooth and silky!!

So now to how I straighten it...I actually tried a new technique this time. It worked really well. First, I put the Just For Me Smoothing Gel in her hair (I use a lot of this, especially at the front of her head by her hairline)!! Next, I parted her hair separating the top half from the bottom half. I always start at the bottom and work my way up. After that, I would take about a 3 inch section of her hair and comb it smooth. While holding the end of it with my hand (to keep it straight), I would blow dry that section. Then I apply this shine serum. I believe it is from Neutrogena. I will check when I get home!! After I put that on, I use a straightening iron to straighten her hair. It is not one of the expensive ones either!! It is the wet/dry one you can buy at WalMart or Walgreen's!

So I continue to do this section by section working my way up to the top of her head. Brenna will sit and watch tv or read a book!! It is really very simple!! I have posted one of the shots so you can see how it turned out!! The last picture I posted was done at a photo shoot for Bloomingdale's! By a professional hair stylist! The one posted here is of her hair done by me!! :)

Until Next Time,
"Sunflower Mom"