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Kim is the official "Spokesmom" for Just For Me(tm) Texture Softener(tm), the brand new breakthrough in hair care for girls of mixed heritage! Her daughter, is featured on the hair care system package, and you may have even seen her on Barney! Kim's blog will contain her thoughts on being a mom in a multi-ethnic family, health and beauty and self-image and self esteem. And for fun, she will interact with other moms who have "hair care chronicles and horror stories."

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Questions and Answers"

In the past few weeks, I have had several questions regarding the use of the product and also reapplying the product. This is what I found works for my daughter's specific hair type.

First, when I applied it to my daughter's hair the second time, I applied it to her entire hair (not just the new growth). BUT...I used two whole bottles of the sunflower oil. This is what I did that worked for me: I applied one full bottle of sunflower oil to her hair while it was dry and gently combed out her hair. I then applied the product to her hair per the directions. I do not have to leave the texture softener on her hair long because of her specific hair texture. Again, that is what I found to work for my daughter's hair.

Second, for the one whose results ended up straightening the curls a little more than you would have liked, this is what I have also tried. Do not apply the texture softener on her hair until the tightness of the curls go back to the way you like them. As far as managing her hair in the meantime...I have applied the sunflower oil onto her hair and used it as an oil treatment. It helped with combing out her hair and helping with the breakage. When you use the product again, make sure that you do a tester on a small section of her hair before you use it on the entire head. That way you can judge how long you need to leave the product on the hair to get the results you want. It will not straighten the hair entirely, but it will loosen the curls quite a bit depending how long you leave the produt on. Again, I can only speak for what I have found to work on my daughter's hair and her texture type. I hope this helps you. If you still have questions, I can have our hair specialist blog to let you know what she thinks from a professional stand point! :)

All I know is that when I use this product, it absolutely makes it 10,000 times easier to comb out her hair and helps prevent breakage. My daughter lets me know when it is time to reapply because she starts having a hard time combing out her hair herself!!

Believe me, if I didn't trust the product, I would not use it. With my daughter being in the modeling business...her hair is one of her best assets. It is actually what helps her book jobs so I would never put a product on her hair that I wasn't sure of the outcome.

I hope this helps with some of the questions and concerns. Again, you can visit the Just For Me webite where there is a q&a section as well as an instructional video for applying the product.

Until Next Time,
"Sunflower Mom"